[7 April 2019]  New York City Cherokee Meeting at the American Indian Community House

[9 December 2018]  New York City Cherokee Language Class at the Urban Rez

[8 October 2018]  ​Native American Heritage Day (USA)

[22 September 2018]  Native American Day (NYS)

​[1 July 2018]  New York City Cherokee Language Class at the Urban Rez (see events page)

​[18 March 2018]  2nd meeting of the New York City Cherokees 

​[16 December 2017]  1st meeting with members of the Cherokee Nation who want

​to start a New York Cherokee Satellite Group of the Cherokee Nation in New York City

[9 October 2017]  ​Native American Heritage Day (USA)

[25 November 2016]  Native American Heritage Day (USA)

[10 October 2016]  Native American Day (USA)

[24 September 2016]  NativeAmerican Day (NYS)

[26 September 2015]  ​Native American Day (NYS)

[26 September 2014]  Native American Day (NYS)

[15 November 2011]  Urban Rezervation receives U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registration # 4,056,942

[1 November 2011]  Urban Rez receives U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Registration #4,094941

[10 October 2009]  UKU FESTIVAL is held at the Urban Rez and a festive time is had by all.  If you did not attend see you at the next one in 2016

[7 June 2009]  Cholena Littlehawk- Bird Clan, graduates from Baruch College with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting

[25 November 2008]  Urban Reservation HDFC receives United States Patent & Trademark Office Registration #3,539,072 

[7 October 2008]  Unadetiyisgv Na Nuwatiequa (Celebrate the Great New Moon Festival) Ulihelisdi Ije Sudetiyvda! (Happy New Year!)   (Traditionally Nuwatiequa--"Great New Moon Festival"--was held when the Uku determined the first new moon of autumn would appear) 

[4 September 2008]  "Urban Reservation HDFC" published for opposition on the Supplemental Register of the United States Patent & Trademark Office 

[8 August 2008]  (the beginning of the end?) Albany NY:  A bill given final approval in New York Legislature would require retailers to charge a tax on Indian Reservations on tobacco sales (italics, ours).  The bill passed during a one-day special Senate session on Friday.  The message has already passed the Assembly and will be sent to Governor David Patterson for his signature

[9 April 2008]  Council of Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation at the Joint Councils Meeting held in Catoosa OK, passed a resolution Opposing Fabricated Cherokee "tribes and Indians."  It denounced any further state or federal recognition of "Cherokee" tribes or bands, aside from those already federally recognized, and committed themselves to exposing and assisting state and federal authorities in eradicating any group which attempts to operate as a government of the Cherokee People. ...  The resolution asks that no public funding from any state or federal government should be expended on behalf of non-federally recognized "Cherokee" tribes or bands and that the Nation would call for a full acounting of all monies given to state recognized, unrecognized...  Calls for federal and state governments to stringently apply a federal definition of "Indian" that included only citizens of federally recognized Indian Tribes...  "Any individual who is not a member of a federally recognized Cherokee Indian Tribe, in academia or otherwise, is hereby discouraged from claiming to speak as a Cherokee, or on behalf of Cherokee citizens, or using claims of Cherokee heritage to advance his or her career or credentials."   This declaration was not signed by the United Keetoowah Band or the Cherokee Nation of Mexico--both federally recognized Cherokee Indian Tribes .  Cherokee Nation of OK does acknowledge the existence of people who are Cherokee by blood, but are not members of the Cherokee Nation of OK.  Celebrities who claim to be Cherokee, are also targeted by the resolution

Creation of BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) within U.S. War Department in 1824 

11 March 1824: From this year forward intermarriage with Negroes is against Cherokee law.

1822:  United States Supreme Court established

1821:  "Sequoyah Cherokee Syllabary" completed.  

15 May 1819:  The Fourth GA Land Lottery is authorized for 15 May 1819-35

Treaty of Washington Treaty of 27 February 1819 with United States,  5,941 square miles ceded

15 December 1818:  The Third GA Land Lottery is authorized for 1920 

1817:  Treaty for land in Arkansas, in 1828 Cherokee forced to move into Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

Treaty of 8 July 1817 with United States, 998 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 22 March 1816 with United States, 148 square miles ceded

10 April 1810:  The 7 Cherokee Clans meet and begin the abolition of Blood Vengeance by giving the sacred duty to the new Cherokee National Government.  Clans formally relenquished judicial responsibilities by the 1820's when the Cherokee Supreme Court was established 

26 June 1806:  GA- First land lottery (1805) proved so successful that a second land lottery was enacted to be held in 1807

Treaty of 7 January 1806 with United States, 6,871 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 27 October 1805 with United States, 1.25 square miles ceded

Treaty of 25 October 1805 with United States, 8,118 square miles ceded

1804-6:  Roads are built on Cherokee lands...U.S. citizens should have "free and unmolested use and enjoyment of them..."

Treaty of 24 October 1804 with United States, 135 square miles ceded

1802:  Thomas Jefferson signs GA Compact supporting Indian Removal

2 October 1798:  Treaty With The Cherokee. "...U.S. guarantee the Cherokee could keep the remainder of their land 'forever'...." 1,538 square miles ceded

3 August 1795:  Treaty of Greenfield signed by 11 Tribes, most now living in OK, giving most of the Ohio valley to settlers                                            2 July 1791:  Treaty of Holston, United States and the Cherokee, 4,157 miles ceded 

28 November 1785:  Treaty of Hopewell/Hopeville, the first treaty between the United States and the Cherokee (AKA "Talking Leaves Treaty"--when the treaty no longer suited the Americans, they would blow away like talking leave's), 6,381 miles ceded 

7 August 1784:  First Federal Indian Reservation established 

Treaty of 31 May 1783 with Georgia, 1,650 square miles ceded

Treaty of 20 July 1777 with Virginia and North Carolina, 6,174 square miles ceded

Treaty of 20 May 1777 with South Carolina and Georgia, 2,051 square miles ceded

12 July 1775:  Control over Indian Tribes declared by Continental Congress (Congress still has plenary power over all federal, and some state, recognized Indian Tribes.)

Treaty of 17 March 1775 with Richard Henderson and others, 27,050 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 1 June 1773 with British superintendent of Indian Affairs, 1,050 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 1772 with Virginia, 10,917 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 14 October 1770, at Lochaber, South Carolina, 9,200 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 14 October 1768 with British superintendent of Indian Affairs, 850 square miles ceded 

Treaty of 24 November 1755 with South Carolina, 8,635 square miles ceded 

25 February 1725:  Colonies pass law paying reward for Indian Scalps 

1721:  Charleston Treaty of 1721, Governor of the Carolina's and Cherokee.  The first concession of land, 2,623 square miles ceded

1705:  Virginia "Degree Of Blood" Law.  Colony after Colony and state after state adopt this into law-- to determine who could have the privileges accorded to white persons (if you had enough "white blood" you were not a "restricted Indian"-- ward of the government.)

19 May 1637:  Pequot Tribe is massacred at Mystic CN.  First Indian massacre in America 

16 December 1621:  Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims celebrate "Thankgiving"

1620: Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock 

1 May 1585:  First English Settlement founded on Roanoak Island VA, but mysteriously disappeared

1540:  Spanish explorer Hernando Desoto is discovered by the ANIYVWIYA!

1827:  Cherokee Constitution established, John Ross elected Principal Chief (1790 - 1866.)  The National Council extends citizenship to children of Cherokee men married to white women.  The Cherokee Constitution states "No person who is of negro or mulatto [sic] parentage, either by the father or mother side, shall be eligible to hold any office of profit, honor or trust under this government," with an exception for "negroes and descendants of white and Indian men by negro women who may have been set free." 

9 June 1825:  New Echota GA authorized as Cherokee Capitol The Fifth GA Land Lottery is authorized for 1827 

[1980]  The term "Red/Black Cherokee" comes into existence to describe                                                                                                         Cherokee with African admixture (other terms are: FBI- Full-Blood Indian, CIA- Caucassion, Indian, African) 

[8 November 1978]  Indian Child Welfare Act directs Indian child placement into Indian environment 

[9 October 1978]  Federal Acknowledgement of Indian Tribes, U.S. government recognizes Indian Tribes

[1978]  Supreme Court rules that Indian Tribes don't have authority over non-Indians who commit crimes on Tribal lands 

[11 August 1978]  American Indian Religious Act allows Indians to practice their religions.  Dissolves the Indian Religeous Crimes Code of 1889 which forbid Indians to practice their religeon 

[30 September 1976]  Indian Healthcare Improvement Act 

[26 September 1976]  Black Hills Agreement--Sioux lose 1/2 of their land 

[4 January 1975]  "Indian Self Determination Act" Marks the beginning of the Federal Governments acknowledgement of Tribal Sovereign Rights.  Education Assistance Act also passed 

[23 June 1972]  Indian Education Act; provided support for Indian Education 

[1971]  Ukuwiyuhi Okena Tsali Littlehawk- Long Hair Clan starts to coalesce the fragments of our migrated Cherokee Indian fractions here in the north-east 

[1970]  President Richard M. Nixon delivers a speech on Indian Affairs titled: "Special Message on Indian Affairs"  Instituted new policies to "... Strenghthen the Indian sense of autonomy without threatening his sense of community."  President Richard M. Nixon was the most supportive president of Tribal Self-Government  http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=2573

[11 April 1968]  (American) Indian Civil Rights Act passed[!?] provides individual rights protections for tribal members, many of which mirror those in the Bill of Rights  

[1961]  Cherokee awarded $15,000,000.00 for Cherokee Outlet (and it ONLY took 68 years) 

[1957]  First Cherokee National Holiday

29 December 1890:  Massacre at Wounded Knee 

1890:  OK Territory organized out of western half of Indian Territory 

1889:  Unassigned lands in Indian Territory opened by white settlers known as "The Boomers" 

8 February 1887:  General Allotment Act passed that required individual ownership of lands once held in common by Indian Tribes.  Senator Henry Dawes, introduced a bill which provided for the allotment of land in severalty to Indians living on various Reservations and for the extension of legal protection by the Federal Government to the Indians.  160 acres was granted to each Indian family head and 80 acres to each single person over 18--this increased to 640 acres for each homesteaders in 1904).  Dawes Act signed by President Cleveland to open "surplus" lands for white settlement, creating the new state of Oklahoma 

1885:  Congress passes Major Crimes Act, which expands federal jurisdiction into Tribal lands for seven crimes 

1883:  U.S. Supreme Court rules a non-Indian court has no jurisdiction in a case in which one Tribe member killed another on Tribal land 

21 July 1882:  "Indian Territory" in Oklahoma established 

6 October 1879:  The Carlisle Indian Industrial School opened in Carlisle PA, with the mission to "Kill The Indian, and Save The Man" 

3 March 1871:  Abolition of Treaty Making outlawed further treaties with Indian Tribes 

1866:  Amendment of 1705 "Degree Of Blood" Law. "...Includes all Indians with any trace of African ancestry if living off reservation, and with more than 1/32 of African ancestry..." 

                                Stand Watie  12/12/1806 - 9/9/1871

1865:  Stand Watie Surrenders!  Stand Watie (the only full-blood Brigadier General) was the last Confederate General to lay down arms.  Degataga, who was later known as Stand Watie, became a Confederate Army Colonel in 1861, he was charged with a Cherokee Regiment that he named, Cherokee Regiment of Mounted Rifles.  He was promoted to Brigadier General on 6 May 1864, and given command of the first Indian Brigade.  Above is the last photograph of the remaining Thomas Legion of Confederate Soldiers, circa 1901.  

20 May 1862:  Homestead Act passed 

1861:  Treaty signed at Park Hill between Nation and Confederate Government 

1860:  Civil War begins, Cherokee chooses Confederacy 

1851:  Cherokee male, and female seminaries open 

1849:  John Rollin Ridge killed a person he believed killed his father, who was a signer of the Treaty of New Echota.  The treaty resulted in the removal of the Cherokee from their homelands 

1844:  Cherokee Supreme Court opens.  Also, Cherokee Advocate published, first Indian newspaper in Indian Territory 

22 June 1839:  The Treaty Party Leaders: Major Ridge, John Ridge, and Elias Boudinot, are assassinated by Cherokee 

[17 June 1954]  Federal Act of Termination of the Menominee Tribe of WI--law reversed in 1973 

[1953]  Passage of HCR 108: Termination Policy Of Indian Tribes ("... to make assimilation of Indian Tribes and a release from Federal Jurisdiction as rapid as possible.  12 Termination Acts were passed from 1954-1962...) 

[13 August 1946]  Indian Claims Commission Act created that allowed Indian Tribes to file claims against the United States 

[27 August 1935]  Indian Arts and Crafts Board founded to promote and develop Indian Arts and Crafts 

[1934]  Indian Reorganization Act passed by Congress, (aka: The Wheeler-Howard Act) permitted Tribes to form a Tribal Government, enact their own laws, create their own justice systems, and... Incorporate as a Business Corporation 

[1932]  Dorothy Jaqueline Keeley is born in Norfolk VA, sang with Louis Prima starting in 1949, sang "That Old Black Magic" and won a Grammy Award. First Cherokee to win a Grammy Award, she performed at John F. Kennedy's Presidential Inauguration, was awarded the Cherokee Medal of Honor in 2002

[1929]  Charles D. Curtis becomes the first person of American Indian heritage to be elected Vice President of the United States 4 March 1829- 4 March 1933.  He was the first non-European elected to either of the two highest offices until Barack Obama 11/4/2008 

[2 June 1924]  All Indian People born in the United States granted (unwanted) United States Citizenship

[May 1916]  The First American Indian Day was declared the fourth Friday in September (Governor George Pataki would sign this day into law 80 years later on 8 August 1996) 

Sherman Coolidge [Arapahoe] 28 September 1915, Red Fox James [Blackfoot] 14 December 1915, on both these days, both Indian Men asked White House to have a day Honoring Indians 

[1907]  OK Statehood combines Indian and OK Territories and dissolves Tribal Government 

[1905]  Land Allotment begins after "Official" Dawes Commission Roll taken of Cherokee 

28 June 1898:  OK, Curtis Act terminates Tribes without Indian consent. Authored by Charles Curtis (Kaw Tribe), Republican, US House of Representatives

1896:  Supreme Court rules that individual rights protections limiting federal and state governments in the U.S. don't apply to Tribal governments 

1893:  Cherokee Outlet opened for white settlement as the Dawes Commission arrives 

7 January 1838:  1838-1839: Trail Of Tears. The United States Government troops under the command of Winfield Scott forces removal of over 17,000 Cherokee, in defiance of Supreme Court Decision.  Major General Winfield Scott, and the brutal Georgia Guard, moved across Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama, in May of 1838 capturing, or killing, all Cherokee that they can find--4,000 Cherokee die as a result of "Aniyvwiya Digejiyalvstanv" (The Trail Where We Cried) 

Treaty of 1844:  Involved Chicken Trotter and Wagon Bowles, but never ratified

29 September 1843:  Treaty of Birds Fort led by Texas President Sam Houston, ratified by congress of The Republic of Texas 1836-1844 (in theory is still valid.)  Resolution Of Rattlesnake Springs Treaties With The Republic Of Texas 

23 February 1836:  Treaty of Bowles Villiage giving 1,000,000 acres of east Texas land to the Texas Cherokee, violation of this treaty led to Cherokee War of 1839, some Cherokee flee south to Mexico  

29 December 1835:  GA- Treaty Party signs New Echota Treaty without the approval of the Cherokee Nation Council.  GA covered 7,200+ square miles of land that belonged to the Cherokee Indians.  Treaty was not legal as GA did not own the land.  No legal treaty had been signed, or would ever be signed, ceding the land to the state of GA.  Andrew Jackson and his Cherokee hating cohorts, both in the state and federal government, would use the corrupt Treay of New Echota to take the land that did not belong to them 

Treaty of 29 Decenber 1835 with the United States,  12,316 square miles ceded 

24 November 1832:  US Supreme Court establishes Tribal Sovereignty, protects Cherokee from GA Laws.  President Andrew Jackson won't enforce the desision ("They made it, now let them enforce it!"), GA holds sixth land lottery for Cherokee Lands that GA did not own 

24 December 1831:  GA Gold Lottery enacted.  This lottery, whose enabling act and drawing dates were different than the Sixth GA Land Lottery is, for some reason, frequently combined with the earlier lottery.  It is, in fact, totaly separate 

26 December 1831:  The original Cherokee County created in Georgia

28 March 1830:  Indian Removal Act signed by Andrew Jackson, forces eastern Tribes to move west Cherokee Nation formally claimed by the state of GA 21 December 1830:  The Sixth GA Land Lottery, sometimes called the Cherokee Georgia Lottery, is authorized by the General Assembly.  The major difference between this lottery and the preceding five lotteries is that GA did not have a claim to the land it was giving away.  The Cherokee had never ceded it  

1828:  Cherokee Phoenix, the first Indian newspaper published in english and Cherokee by Elias Boudinot (named Galagina at birth in 1804).  Galagina attended school in Connecticut, met Elias Boudinot in what is now GA, changed his name from Galagina to the name of the man he considered a hero, Elias Boudinot.  The first issue of the Cherokee Phoenix was published on 8 February 1828, and is still in publication 

12 December 1828:  Bill is introduced in GA legislature to extend the laws of the state into the Cherokee Nation

[29 June 2007]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Uku Okena Littlehawk- Long Hair Clan and GreyWolf- Wolf Clan, enter into building management with a newly renovated building from NYC HPD/TIL that is incorporated as a low-income cooperative.  It is named; Urban Rezervation HDFC. We have contacted the American Indian Community House to find out if any community members have need of affordable housing

[9 May 2007]  The Cherokee Nation opposes registration of the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians mark Among the concerns they list are, "will falsely suggest a connection with Opposer and its citizens."  "Immoral, scandalous," and the North-Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians mark is "confusingly similar" to Cherokee Nation marks: Cherokee Nation Cherokee Casino Resort, Cherokee Hills Golf Club, Cherokee Nation Enterprises, L.L.C. 

[13 March 2007]  Indian Tribes are protecting themselves by incorporating, Trademarking and Registering their names, logos, and various enterprise with the United States Patent & Trademark Office ( www.uspto.gov ) Northeastern Band of Cheroke Indians Logo receives United States Patent & Trademark Office Registration #3,216,851 

[7 December 2006]  "U.S. Senate passes H.R. 4766 the Esther Martinez Languages Preservation Act, legislation that would support and strengthen Native American language immersion programs, including language nests, language survival schools, and language restoration programs. The legislation must now be signed by the President before becoming law." 

[1 December 2006]  "Trail Of Tears Study Act" signed by President Bush on 1 December 2006, "It was both a national act of atonement and an indication of how far the country still has to go to face up to one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history."  Introduced by U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn. 

[27 October 2006]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Big Medicine Shelton- Panther Clan, passes IN State Boards and receives a LPN 

[28 July 2006]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Enrollee, Elsie Dalonige Ahwi- Deer Clan is hired to work in the Gift Shop @ the Museum of The American Indian- Manhattan NY 

[28 July 2006]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Enrollee, Big Medicine Shelton- Panther Clan graduates with a "Technical Certificate in Practical Nursing" Fort Wayne IN 

[19 April 2006]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians Wolf Clan, donates 3 Cell Phones to Verizon Wireless for "Victims of Abuse and The Elderly", to use in emergency situations- Manhattan NY 

[21 September 2004]  National Museum of the American Indian opens on the mall in Washinton DC

[2004]  Supreme Court rules that trying a defendant in Tribal court and federal court for the same crime is permitted 

[3 October 2002]  GreyWolf passes his test for Shodan rank in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu 

[13 October 2001]  GreyWolf- Wolf Clan, begins a Cherokee Language Course at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center For Nonviolence The Bronx NY

[23 April 2001]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians Federal Tax Exemption 501(c)(3) 

[23 March 2001]  Cholena Littlehawk- Bird Clan, is honored during Womens History Month, by the Office of The Bronx Borough President on 

[9 October 1999]  New York City: Native (American) Day Parade 34 Street & Broadway to Veterans Memorial Eternal Light Circle @ 23 Street & Park Avenue Manhattan NY 

[23 May1999]  The Office of The Bronx Borough President, Fernando Ferrer, includes the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians on a float in "The Bronx Borough Parade"  Volunteer Recognition Award to: the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians, by Office of The Bronx Borough President

[19 October 1998]  Mario Rodriguez, Community Affairs Liason, of The Office of The Bronx Borough President, Fernando Ferrer, meets with the Tribal Council of the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians 

[14 September 1998]  Ukuwiyuhi Okena Tsali Littlehawk- Long Hair Clan, and GreyWolf- Wolf Clan, "... perform a celebratory 'Blessing of The Harvest' at Greenmarket Farmers Market..." (Union Square, NYC) at the invitation of *Henry Stern, Parks Commissioner, *David Gmach, Executive Director of The 14 Street LDC, *Joel Patreker, Greenmarket Farmers Market 

[10 November 1998]  Responding to an article in the New York Times, "The Part Cherokee President", we laud President Clinton.  We receive a letter, thanking us for our letter, from: Daniel W. Burkhardt Special Assistant to the President Director of Correspondence and Presidential Messages  ("The President is glad to have your support and hopes that you will share his best wishes with all the members of the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians.") 

[30 June 1998]   GreyWolf- Wolf Clan, meets with Deputy Director of The Office of The Bronx Borough President, Hermes M. Caraballo 

[12 February 1998]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians receive, New York State Tax-Exemption 

[1 November 1997]  The Black Star Newspaper debuts with an article on the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians "The Cherokee Nation Here To Stay" 

[2 December 1997]  Letter from, Senator David Rosado- District 32, responding to a letter of ours, voicing our concerns on a land base for us, and future generations of Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians 

[1 October 1996]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians send a letter of encouragement to Governor Pataki for the "Native American Day" "holiday", and let him know that we will do all we can to assist him in planning a city-wide parade for this day.  We also cc: Mayor Ruolph Giuliani Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger President Bill Clinton 

[8 August 1996]  New York Governor George Pataki signs into law "Native American Day" to be celebrated on the fourth Saturday of September in New York State 

[11 May 1996]   National Museum of The American Indian accepts our newsletter, "The Sacred Fire" Manhattan NY  (a couple of years later, a couple of reference area workers, who themselves are Indian, decide that WE are not "Indian enough" to have a reference to us in the museum "reference area")

[1996]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians form GALUYESTI ("... to educate interested parties of our Rich Tribal Culture...). Some of the performances by Galuyesti include;  *St. Martins De Porres League "Fling into Spring Country Western Style"  *The Bronx Postal Facility "Diversity Celebration"  *Hofstra University "The Fire and The Rose"  *Bergan Community College "Native American Day Celebration" performances by; Galyesti B. Lynne Harlan, Executive Director of Cultural Resources- Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, NC Garland Eagle, Deputy Director Cherokee Nation, OK Tommy, Tammy Wildcat Cherokee Dancers of the Fire Cherokee, NC  *Lehman College "Dancing Across Cultures"  *Martin Luther King Jr. Center For Non-Violence "5th Annual Native American Celebration" Galuyesti, Onieda Nation of Utica NY  *River Bank State Park, NY (many, many, many, times) 

[27 May 1995]  Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians Incoporated [Not-For-Profit] NYS  "... to promote and preserve the [Cherokee] culture, language, and way of life..."  (see 1934 for more on Indian Tribes incorporating as a business under the Wheeler-Howard Act) 

[29 April 1994]  President William Clinton, Issues a historic executive memorandum; "Executive Memorandum: Government to Government Relations with Native American Tribal Governments"  (excerpt: "... The United States has a unique legal relationship with Native American Tribal govern as set forth in the Constitution of the United States, treaties, statutes, and court decisions..." 

[1992]  "Native Language Act" Passed by Congress[!?] HR-1017 

[13 May 1991]  US Supreme Court ruled states to not have jurisdiction on Reservation Highways 

[1990]  Supreme Court rules that individual Tribes don't have criminal authority over members of other Tribes 

[14 May 1982]  Ruth Muscrat, Cherokee Activist & Leader crosses-over

[9 October 1980]  Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act: Federal recognition & settlement ending Tribal claims to 2/3 of Maine