Cry of an American Indian

 by Ramieka Teres Cox- Wolf Clan

We live among one another in slums

The government looks down on us as bums

All we want is to be treated fairly even though you hear of us rarely

Respect, Respect, that's all we desire, and those who do we will greatly admire

"America the Beautiful" you always say

But what about the millions of Indians that died yesterday

History books don't tell what really went down

When white soldiers burned our Longhouses, Teepees, and towns

The Creator of Breath taught us to love those who hate

Even the soldiers who tried to destroy our fate

No one really knows our side of the tale

Of those who intruded whose skin was pale

Many people say "Keep Hope Alive"

When thousands of Indians are struggling to survive

The Spirit of the American Indian is here to stay

It will never vanish or fly away

reprint from:

The Sacred Fire, volume 5 issue 5