NDN Events

Urban Rez happenings:

Uku Festival:  The Uku Festival is held every 7 years.  If you missed the October 2016 Uku Festival, we will see you in 7 years-- October 2023, 6:00-9:00 pm.  Bring a dish. Show your Northeastern Cherokee Pride by wearing Native clothing.

Cherokee Language Class:  [northeastern accent] Sunday: TBA- 2017 1:30-3:00pm Urban Rez, 872 Melrose Avenue, between 160 and 161 Streets

SPACE IS LIMITED!  To reserve your space e-mail: urbanrezhdfc7@verizon.net   We do hand out study materials during class, and any small donation is appreciated.


American Indian Community House                                                                        39 Eldridge Street, Manhattan NY 10002                                                             Friday:  TBA            6pm-10pm                                                                            Host Drum:  Silver Cloud Singers   Guest Drum:                                      

Traditional Dance Social with the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers           Saturday:     TBA     2017                                                                                       Host Drums:  Silvercloud  Guest Drum:  Heyna Second Sons                                  National Museum of the American Indian                                                                One Bowling Green, Manhattan NY 10004 (212)514-3888                                            [4/5 train to Bowling Green]                                                                                [indoor Powwow 7pm-10pm/Grand Entry 7pm]  

Drums Along the Hudson                                                                              Sunday:  June 2018                                                                                              Host Drum:  Silvercloud                                                                                  Inwood Hill Park, 218 Street Entrance 4 blocks West of Broadway (212)627-1076 x18  [outdoor Powwow 11am-6pm/Grand Entry 2pm]

(New York City's Oldest and Biggest Powwow)                                            Thunderbird Powwow                                                                         Friday/Saturday/Sunday /   27 - 29    July 2018                                                        Host Drum:  Silvercloud                                                                                 Queens County Farm Museum                                                                              73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Floral Park NY (718)347-FARM                                      [outdoor Powwow 10am-10pm/Grand Entry 1pm]

The Bronx Native American Festival                                                                   Sunday:     24 September 2016                                                                              Host Drum:  Silvercloud Singers                                                                        South Picnic Area Pelham Bay Park  The Bronx NY (718)430-1891                        [outdoor Powwow 12-4pm]                                                                                 last stop on the #6 Subway, enter Pelham Bay Park at Bruckner Boulevard and Wilkinson Avenue                                                  


The above powwows may have Invited drums in addition to the host drum, and may charge admission. 

Most powwow's run on Indian time!

Powwow's at the Museum of the American Indian run on federal time!

Language classes do not run on Indian Time!                                                         Do not forget to bring a pencil and notebook.