Cherokee Phoenix

Cherokee Code Talkers

Dawes Commission main role was to take Indian lands

Cherokee Blood Law

YouTube  (Minister Farrakhan "American Indian Truths"  (Black Indians, Who are you?)  (American Indian Holocaust)  (Russell Means, The New Indian)  (Indians on Immigration)  (Indian Justice, It's About Time) 

News From Indian Country

President Nixon's Special Message to the Congress on Indian Affairs, 8 July 1970 

NY Cigarette Wars 2010, Governor race- The Seneca respond


Native News Online

Various Native Issues

(government admits to forced sterilization of American Indian Women)


Thanksgiving Day: What Really Happened  

 Gathering of Nations Internet Radio Native Music 24/7  

(Type in the word Cherokee.  Also can be viewed in the Cherokee Syllabary by selecting the Cherokee Syllabary from the left sidebar)

Philip Booker

Litefoot, the Cherokee rapper  

Rich-Heape Film, Inc.  

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