This website was built by GREYWOLF using Go Daddy Website Builder beginning  1 March 2014, with extensive editing by Diana Mercado.  This website went live 17 June 2014.

(older technology websites were decommissioned by Verizon, 15 March 2014)  The former Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians website was formatted, designed, and edited, during the months of September, October, and November 2005 by:

MAGAYETI (Didehyohvsgi ije wigalosdi)  NEBCI Computer Consultant


The website content and format were approved by Ukuwiyuhi Okena Tsali Littlehawk, Long Hair Clan

The final revision of the format for this website was completed 13 November 2005, with input on content from the following:

Vera Christyne, Blue Clan

Trudy L. Cooper, Wild Potato Clan

Sam Simmonds Images

Brent Gill, Esq

Kerry K.

Craig C.

Nicole J.

Jim G. (who advised on the design of The Sacred Fire)

Monica P. Paul (locating NATIVE animation)

Huntington Free Library

Cornell University Library